isoft for medications adminstration

  1. lo.
    It seems my trust compared to others in our region is quite progressive in its use of epr,
    we now have printed name bands base on epr.
    rolling out of electronic presecprtion (no more drug cardex) on some wards about to be more wards.
    and electronic nursing assesments (All our risks, discharges and )
    out labs, result, referall and doctors notes on the computer very handy easy to read.

    when we get photocopy of admisson from other trusts of reparated patients i struggle with their handwritting.

    So the point is?
    our new name bands have bar codes? we are going have electonic prescbing is anyone else in a acute trust using this?
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  3. by   JamesMorgan
    Barcoded presriptions have just been rolled out to GP practice in Wales so I dont think hospitals in Wales have started using them as all the information from the hospitals is still hand written, and as you said, we can never read the handwritting either!
    Its going to be much easier when we go completely electronic!