Is it good for men to stay in this profession

  1. Hi all,
    As I was in this profession since 6 loooooong years, but i have enjoyed a lot working in this profession, as serving the patient I like it, but here in India we have soooo less salary,
    and now i have changed my profession to an esteemed project of insurance as they are taking only the nurses for the project I am working with now.
    And for that NCLEX is mandatory, and I have already wrote the NCLEX once, as I have already discussed in my previous article that I have been failed and I am taking that exam as a challenging again.
    But now my manger told that if at all we have not passed the NCLEX they will fire us from the project, and now we friends are thinking to join in the medical coding profession as we are not interested to work as a NURSE again, sooooo what you people are thinking about the medical coding for the nurses, please let me know the comments regarding the same below.
    Waiting for the suggestions
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  3. by   dishes
    I think your title question should be "Is it worrisome that offshore, unlicensed nurses in Bangalore, Karnataka, India are dispensing health information to Americans?"
  4. by   chandragiriseenu
    S obviously so many companies are working on it