International nurse - employment contract with staffing agency

  1. I am a foreign graduate nurse holding a Texas RN license. I was presented a contract for employment by a recruitment agency. I have issues with the contract and would like to seek some inputs from fellow nurses.

    1. It stated $50,000 as a breach / buyout fee.
    - This figure is even applicable if I can't secure an employment after 3 client interviews.

    2. Waive of jury right.

    * I have no intention to breach, but I am extremely careful before I commit into something.

    * I'm thinking about getting a professional e.g. immigration attorney to look at the contract. What do you think?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    It is a lot of money, personally I do not think there should be a 3 tries clause but getting a lawyer experience with this area is a good idea