Int. Students & Direct Entry MSN or accelerated BSN/MSN

  1. I looking for international students who are planning to apply to, currently attending or have participated or completed a Direct Entry MSN or an Accelerated BSN (2nd degree) in USA. What were your experience like? What are some of the difficulties you've had with the application process? Are you happy with the program etc. I welcome any thoughts or comments on the matter.

    Personally, I'm looking into programs in mainly in MA and on the east coast commencing summer/fall 2011 or winter/spring 2012. I'm planning on attending Quincy College this fall (keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be accepted) to finish the pre-reqs that I still need. And I'm also getting ready to start studying for the GRE. Some of the programs & schools that I've looked into are:

    - UMASS Med school -Worcester: DEMSN
    - UMASS -Amherst & Boston: 2nd degree BSN
    - Curry College: 2nd degree BSN
    - SSC: DEMSN

    Love to hear from anyone who'd like to comment. I feel a little lost because there is abundant information out there and I'm not sure where to begin.

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