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  1. hi everyone! it's been awhile since i posted on this site and i've missed everyone.

    just an inquiry, i actually don't know where to post this so the staff can redirect my question to the appropriate forum if they need to.

    i'm currently working in il under ead/work permit for the past 4 years, pending i-485, so i don't have any resident visa at this time. the ead does not allow reentry if one intends to leave the us for a vacation. i was able to reenter the us in 2009 after a month vacation because i applied for a parole visa. at that time, i still have a tourist visa, valid until 2011...i don't know if that counts though. i'm wondering if i can go for another vacation outside the country this year (still on ead, pending i-485 and parole visa). i guess i just need a little confirmation that i would be able to go. i am scared that they won't allow me reentry and have me deported or something (sounds exaggerated but you never know.):uhoh21:

    thank you for anyone that can answer.
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    Probably best to speak to your immigration lawyer however until you get PR/citizenship I guess there is never the guarantee of being accepted into the US