IELTS Review Center in Pampanga?

  1. 0 hi fellow nurses! Especially to my fellow Kapampangans...

    Im planning to take the IELTS this coming november, and im currently looking for a review center here in Pampanga ( san fernando? or Guagua? ) thats cheaper than most ( the average cost is 4thousand, wooohow!). .
    even if i just have to take a "crash course" or something like that. i mean, i just want to be prepared thats all.

    any ideas? Much thanks for the help.
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    There are a lot of review centers out there, just visit each one of them and investigate =)

    Look for a package that suits you, look at the quality and not the name. Price is important but not the main issue. If possible, look for a review center that has native speakers because interacting with them is the best way to learn and pass the IELTS.

    Hope this helps =)
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    try this :

    I heard lots of positive reviews about this review center...

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