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Help me pls! ^_^

  1. 0 Hey guys, I'm a registered nurse in Saipan and currently endorsing my rn license to the state of Nevada and now i got my temporary license. But i'm planning to join the navy as a nurse. But I don't know where to start. I'm a foreign graduate from Philippines and a green card holder. I went today to a local recruiter near us. He said that there's no problem even if i'm a foreign graduate coz they approve the Philippine education standards and i can also apply my citizenship while waiting for my training sched if i will be accepted but he said that I need to take ASVAB test. I've read about some blog that it's only for enlisted sailors not required if ur a medical related officer. Do I really have to take that exam too?

    Pls. somebody help me. thanks in advance!
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    According the the US Navy web page, you need to be a US Citizen. Also you need to graduate from a US accredited program.

    I would try to go to the military forum here and speak to nurses currently in the military. It is becoming very competitive to get a commission in the Navy these days.