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From Minority Nurse to Nurse Practitioner

  1. 0 I am a new practical nurse working in the province of Ontario. I am just getting accustom in the nursing field, and would love to one day become a nurse practitioner. I need to know what I should be focusing on now to make myself a great nurse practitioner when I do become one. For example what are some things I should look at close that I may need a sound understanding of when I do become a nure practitioner? such as learning common diseases and the main side effects along with the diagnostic tools needed to make a diagnose. I'm hoping this way the transition from R.P.N. to B.Sc.N to N.P. won't be that much of a shook to me. I am hoping to go back to school to gain my bachelor of science degree in nursing in the near future to become a RN, then work for a couple of years before receiving my post-baccalaureate education. Thanks in advance!
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