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florida requirments ..please help

  1. 0 Hi everyone please help...

    I just passed the NCLEX RN test for California. I am a foreign educated nurse from the Philippines & I would like to work in Florida. Do I still need to take the IELTS exam for me to be able to be licensed in florida? or is my country exempted on that?

    Thanks in advance for your help. i really appreciate it...
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    You need to meet Florida requirements which is CES or ERES. If you need vsc then you will need to do IELTS. Do you have a visa already to work in the US? Also you need to check with Florida as to whether they require you to gain experience in the state you applied initially as there do indicate 2 years experience on their website
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    i think ill still be needing to take to the IELTS for my visa screen. i called the Florida BON, they said that i need to have at least 2 yrs experience from the state where i am licensed which is california... that sucks. Thanks for your help
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    More states are requiring that you have nursing experience before they endorse an IEN license. Good Luck.