Females working abroad in Dubai? yes or no?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I would like to know the female perspectives on working in dubai. The lifestyle, safety,pay rate, restrictions, how it differs from the US, and how easy is it to make new friends there? Is travel easy among the region, or neighboring coutnries (europe etc). Are women paid less? Do they pay by hospital, gender or experience? Can anyone recommed a reputable contracting agency or recruiter? Those with experience, an 'article' would be greatly appreciated as I know many of us have similar curiosities?

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  3. by   dave787
    lot of women working in middle east, and hospitals prefer female nurses. they have there own standard regarding the wage. Arab contries are conservative so you have to adhere to follow there rules.
  4. by   aburlar
    THere is a company.... O'Grady-Peyton. They are the international arm of American Mobile Nursing (one of US's biggest travel nurse companies). I talked with a nurse recruiter with them. She was very efficient. Called me when she said she would. Provided lots of information. I am seriously thinking about working in Dubai starting next summer. We'll see.
    Good luck.