Enquiry for a foreign student nurse trying to emigrate

  1. Good day everyone.
    I am a male Student nurse in Ghana, Africa and currently in my final year of my BSN program. I will like to emigrate to another country (preferably English speaking and not in Africa) upon completion of my studies.

    I don't have any working experience as some countries will require. I am not planning on getting a license here either. Upon completion, I will have just the Degree.

    Does anyone on here know countries(aside USA because of the long process of foreigners' accreditation) where I can move to, write the board exams of the country, do the graduate rotation program and work there?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    Most countries these days require some experience. Graduation slots will generally go to local students or students that trained locally. You have 2 hurdles to jump over first being registration and second immigration or right to work. Between the 2 of them it will not be a quick process. Better to gain experience whilst going through the processing. Also a lot of countries require registration in the country you did your training.