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:idea: hi i want to know if you recommend people to undergo toefl exam preparation? i am a nurse from philippines and want to upgrade here in canada, but before i could go to a university for a... Read More

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    I wonder why you allready talk about retaking it, just prepare well and do it with one trial and not several. Wonder where you guys have all the money to retake tests all the time??
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    You have a point there. But for me, instead of attending a review class that would c0st $500, I rather review by myself and retake that would cost less than $500. Now, I am afraid of failing my first TOEFL exam because I wont be having a proper review.. So I'm really thinking which is better to do..
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    Do you take ibt?
    Don't know how good your english is, but if your english is good, you shouldn't need a course.
    The prep books are very good and you can practise the speaking session recording yourself.
    And read newspapers, scientific articles, whatever, to help with speed, vocabulary and understanding difficult topics. Watch movies, news etc in english.
    good luck
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    guys ill be taking my ielts in two months time...however im still not confident in taking the exam, im anxious and nervous specially the reading component of the exam...can somebody tell me some test taking strategies on how to answer the Reading Test? i dont know, i just find it so hard among the 4 components of the exam.

    please, youre response will be highly appreciated...thanks
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    Hi i absolutely have n0 idea h0w the test is d0ne?
    about answering the reading secti0n can i still
    have the chance to look back at the articles,
    while im answering any questi0n?
    same with listening can i still have a chance to
    replay while im on the questi0ns already?
    im s0 anxious right n0w...
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    Don't you have a review book with a cd for practising??
    As far as I remember you need to take notes while listening.

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    For TOEFL iBT, you have the chance to read the paragraphs again for the reading and writing. But the questions are not constructed in a way that you just pick out the answer. It will test your COMPREHENSION skills under limited time. Practice reading more on sciences (any of its branches). For the speaking, questions are very simple. Learn to talk to a computer to take off the awkward factor. You will be given a minute or less to construct your thoughts before the computer will ask you to speak.
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    o my, thank you all for your help.. i d0nt think i could d0 well on that speaking questi0ns but i'll try.. thank you!!!!
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    you're welcome. Good luck to you!
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    Normally, if your level of English proficiency is good, then you wouldn't need a course. You may review on your own. However, it helps a lot to get feedback from people who trained in IELTS especially for the Writing and Speaking parts.