CVS for NY: Report Issued

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    I just received an e-mail that CGFNS has sent the report to NYSED. How long did you wait for NYSED to contact you or even mail your ATT?
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    Have you sent in application to NY BON? Look at approx 1 month but ATT will not be sent until you register with pearsonvue, pay fees and BON tells pearsonvue it is OK to release ATT
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    Yes I have already sent it last October. They told me they'll wait for my CVS report. 1month? Is that the maximum waiting time?
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    Can not really predict time however most seem to get their AT&T 1-2 months after report is issued
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    Sometimes they work fast sometimes they work so slow. I just hope I can take the exam this month. Thank you Ms. Silverdragon102 for your response.