confused about step6(abt credentials) of CES application process

  1. This is a foreign nursing graduate applying for RN examination. I have filled up the form for CES from CGFNS. Step 6 asks which credentials you need evaluated. I m pretty unsure about this. I tried to contact Kansas BON but they don't entertain phone calls and they haven't replied to my email yet. I m really confused if credentials from my nursing school are only to be evaluated or my secondary school credential also need to be evaluated??!!! I want to start CES process as soon as possible but this step needs to be completed before placing an order. I m waiting for response from KS BON but your ideas would also be helpful.
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  3. by   clairainette
    HI aasthaa!

    I have the same question than you.
    Did you find the answer?
  4. by   ammuu
    i m also international nurse...i havE online applied for package to c.n.o.they send me response that i have to complete application of regestered nurse in general classs and second dey written verification of course completion....can any body tell me what they exactly want me confuse..
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