CA rn license

  1. Hi everybody
    I am a foreign-educated nurse and I have got Michigan Rn license. Does anybody know that how long it will take me to get the CA RN license by endorsement? I submitted my application a month ago, but haven't got any response. I heard the overwhelming paperwork in ca board of nursing, so will it be sooner to get a temporary license? I don't have SSN, but if I provide them a ITIN, what kind of license will I get, temporary of permanent?

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  3. by   kjschulke
    It would probably be best for you to call the California BRN and ask them. They should know how long the various processes take. Also, you might ask a nurse recruiter from one of the hospital systems. They're used to dealing with all sorts of situations involving international nurses.
  4. by   jessicalotus
    Yes, I think that's good idea.Thank you....