BSN education gained outside US and applying for NCLEX in WA

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    Hi. I just recently got my B.S degree in Philippines.
    I don't have any license from phil and no experience.
    but I am residing here permanently as a
    resident in washington.
    is there any takers in wa who have been in my situation before or
    right now. Need advise and tips.
    what are the odds that they BON-WA will give me eligibility to
    take the NCLEX RN exam?
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    Moved to the International forum as WA nurses may not know in regards international trained nurses

    The only real way to find out is to apply to the state
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    get an application from the state. they will require you to take toefl, Cgfns assessment (not the test), then after those 2 are done , they will schedule you for Nclex... the first step is to fill up the appliction first from the wa state of nursing..