BSN education gained outside US and applying for NCLEX in WA

  1. Hi. I just recently got my B.S degree in Philippines.
    I don't have any license from phil and no experience.
    but I am residing here permanently as a
    resident in washington.
    is there any takers in wa who have been in my situation before or
    right now. Need advise and tips.
    what are the odds that they BON-WA will give me eligibility to
    take the NCLEX RN exam?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Moved to the International forum as WA nurses may not know in regards international trained nurses

    The only real way to find out is to apply to the state
  4. by   brightlight168
    get an application from the state. they will require you to take toefl, Cgfns assessment (not the test), then after those 2 are done , they will schedule you for Nclex... the first step is to fill up the appliction first from the wa state of nursing..