British RN wanting to work in Vancouver..Advice needed please British RN wanting to work in Vancouver..Advice needed please | allnurses

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British RN wanting to work in Vancouver..Advice needed please

  1. 0 Hi
    I currently work in A&E in England and want to move to BC Vancouver. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has made this move and am looking for advice on

    1) How to apply for jobs
    2) Has anyone done the CRNE exam; did you have to go to Vancouver to complete

    Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
    Thank You
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    Many of uk nurses have made the move. Currently CRNE is only offered in Canada and once you have meet requirements and given eligibility to sit said exam you can apply to sit the exam in other provinces
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    BC, particularly the lower mainland is saturated with nurses. The jobs you see posted are filled internally.

    The lowermainland has a very high cost of living, with long commutes.

    The provincial government is deeply in debt, and I see the same funding issues out there as Alberta has.

    In otherwords, it's not looking good.
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    I think finding a job depends on the qualification on the first place. Even though there are millions of nurses and one job, you may become the lucky nurse to get that job..

    Angelab, you can find jobs in wow BC jobs site.. Also, BC match could also offer advice or help, you can email them after having an account in their site.. Good luck..

    I'll be moving to Vancouver in December, hope to see you there :-)