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Bridging RPN to RN programs in Ontario

  1. 0 Hi everybody,

    Which schools offer programs for bridging from RPN to RN in Ontario for Sep. 2011? I know Mohawk and Centennial offer this, what about others? The Ontario Colleges website makes it very confusing searching for this information, so I'm hoping somebody here has more knowledge on the subject. Thanks!
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    Outside of the GTA, I only know of two collaborative programs:

    ~Algonquin/University of Ottawa
    ~Conestoga/McMaster University (this one is on the OCAS website and shows intake for Sept. 2011)

    Nipissing offers it online but you have to be affiliated with certain hospitals in TO and North Bay.
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    George Brown College in Toronto offers an RPN to BScN program, but I think that it is only for graduates of their RPN program.
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    The University of Ontario at Durham College also offers this program
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    georgian college does- to lauriention
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    Does any one know of an on line program offered from RN diploma to BSN in Canada. Please Help.

    Thank you