better employment for international. BP+1 year exp or BSN uni graduate with no exp.

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    I would just want you guys to clarify what is the better chance for international students to get an employment in Australia. If we are to compare an international student who finished a Bridging program with a 1 year experience in his home country ( such as Philippines, India, etc..) and an international student who studied in a conversion program with a total of 1 year Bachelor of Nursing degree, who has a better chance to get an employer? Both got all 7 ielts by the way. In other words, what is the best decision for me?

    Also, how long is the duration of a student visa with a course lasting more than 10 months? They said it's as long as 6 months or more. Is this true? Looking forward to any replies

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    hey kebs... i know im toooo late to answer your post. but may i ask if which prog did you pursue. did you go for the 1 yr conversion prog at deakin?

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