agency pay for new RN's?

  1. does anyone know what the approximate pay rate is for agency hospital work in GTA (for a new RN)? also is there premium pay if you are called in last minute and if so what is that? can someone please advise.

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  3. by   travelbug
    What's GTA?
  4. by   steven44121
    GTA Greater Toronto Area.
    I only know about the pay in ICU, I believe you need 1 yr ICU experience to work agency. The pay is $45 to $50 an hour.
    This can make a huge difference depending on your current pay level. I know nurses who took the ICU course after one year of working and now work for agency.
    When they work for their home hospital at level 3 salary, they get about $25.00 /hr, so it can make a big difference.