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  1. 0 I would like to ask if any of you PICC experts have encountered/read a publication related to PICC insertion on patients with pacemakers/defibrillator. I already have heard about the so many conflicting opinions from different PICC experts about whether or not one can place PICCs on patients with pacemakers or pacemeaker/defibrillator.

    I ask INS about it and they could not lead me to a official publication onb this subject. One of my contract hospitals radiologist and told the VP nursing that a nurse cannot place a PICC on patients with pacemaker. I have continued to place PICC on my other contract hospitals without an issue. I wanted to convince this VP that yes it is safe to place PICCs on patients with pacemaker on the contralateral side of the pacemaker. I need a publication or research publication to have a strong argument.

    Thanks for all your help as usual.

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    We place PICCs in patients with pacemakers all of the time. We try to avoid the side that the pacer is on, and seek a physicians "ok" if we need to use the side the pacer is on. I don't know of a publication off hand, but a college library search engine should be able to locate one for you. Good luck!

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