PICC Insertion Business

  1. Hi,

    Ive been offered several times over the past year to come and place piccs at smaller specialty hospitals. I think its time i pursue this. Anyone out there have their own picc business?

    I have a few questions if anyone out there might be of assistance.

    1. Liability Insurance: Does the CNA insurance offered in the nursing journals cover you for this type of business? What type of liability insurance do you have?

    2. Contracts: Anyone with a sample contract they are willing to share?

    Thanks for your help. You can PM me and we can share info if you would like to go that route.
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  3. by   dds520
    Bob: I have the NSO insurance and I am part of a PICC team in a small hospital. We make no more money for placing PICCs and I have been wanting to go into business for a long time. I will review my policy and see, or talk with someone there. Also, a contract could be any variation of the usual informed consent for procedures, I would think. How do I PM you?
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