Peak and Trough levels through PICC lines

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  3. by   ajwill
    We do draw peaks and trough though PICC lines.Our procedure is to flush with 10 of PFNS, draw a discard of 5ml, draw the specimen, then flush with 10 of PFNS.We have not had any problems with high drugs levels that I am aware of. Sometimes the problem is getting the blood out of the PICC
  4. by   Goofball
    We have a large population of patients who lab absolutely cant get peripherally. So it is a common order to draw from central lines, including PICs. But 3 out of 5 times, I'd say, the pic no longer works for blood draws. If the pt. has a Quinton Cath for Hemodialysis, then we are allowed to either draw from that, or wait for the next dialysis to be done. But the HD catheter is only a last resort, due to such high risk for infections or messing it up for dialysis.
  5. by   Frausuzy
    We draw from central lines, including PICC's if at least 4 Fr. Process is to flush with NS, draw 5 cc discard, draw sample, change cap, and flush with NS. Must be done by RN.
  6. by   Groovydogg
    I work for home care and we routinly draw from any access (picc, port, cvc, etc.). We flush with NS, waste 5cc, draw, and then flush with 20cc NS. I've never had a problem with artificially high results. Piccs smaller than 4fr are a bit tricky. If the blood doesn't come easy I do a periph stick so as not to lyse the cells.
  7. by   canoehead
    I've drawn drug levels from central lines, but had never heard about drugs sticking to a line. I have heard that blood draws from PICC s and PILL s will decrease their life R/T increased risk of clotting within the line.
  8. by   micro
    heard same as canoehead.....that by using picc's, ports, central lines.....for draws that is doesn decrease their viability.....
    but sometimes you don't have a choice.........where i am, have to have a dr. order, or should to use this route for blood draws......
    some ports, though entirely viable as far as access will not allow a draw, along with picc's.......i haven't ran into this with a central line(unless line is compromised or one of lumens clotted), etc.
    but i am only one very small cog in this health care field.....