Job Contract. Does this sound right?

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    I am moving to Michigan from Canada so I am so unfamiliar with the pay / job contracts and do not want to take a job that is taking advantage of me. Does this seem fair?

    Home Infusion 40 hrs / week. Pay at $30/hr. No holiday pay until 1 year of employment. Benefits after 90 days of employment, no dental. Requires Detroit home visits. Mileage reimbursed at 0.41 / mile.

    Any advice / feedback is welcomed. TY

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    I work in Toronto in a hospital 40 hrs a week $30 an hour. Benefits and sick time (12 days) after 3 mths including dental. 3 weeks vacation a year but slowly accumulated so really it doesn't start until after a year. Depends what city you are working in whether Detroit is an ok distance. Hope that helps
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    That sounds about right for the states. Companies not giving benefits until 90 days is not atypical. Thinking about a move there also after I am done school so I can be close to family in Ontario. I hear MI is boring though.
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    Quote from katherine100
    I hear MI is boring though.
    Not true. Like most things in life, any given location is what you make of it.
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    Detroit, eh? Pay sounds pretty good, but are you provided a bodyguard?

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