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  1. Hi I am a critical care nurse in Wisconsin and I am interested in learning to place PICC lines. I am very willin gto take a course to become certified to place PICCs however, I do not know how to find someone who would be willing to precept me. The hospital where I work doesn't do this. ANy ideas on how I could learn? I am willing to do this unpaid! And i am willing to do a little traveling to learn.
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  3. by   pennym

    I think the best way to learn is to take a course. Bard has a really

    good online course that cost 50 dollars. Then you have to work with

    another picc RN to learn the ropes of how your hospital does them. Does

    your hospital have a picc program? I personally think you have to do

    alot of picc to get good at them. Let me know if I can help with any

    questions you might have. See ya
  4. by   PICC ACE
    Where in WI are you? I may be able to help you with some contacts.
  5. by   MWilliamsRN
    I wish you and iluvivt where here in Cleveland.... :-) Still trying to get thru to BARD.