HELP with groshong catheter

  1. 0 I am a Home health nurse and I have a patient that has a groshong catheter. I have done several PICC lines that have the ends that you can screw on the saline and the medication. This tip end of the groshong is rubber. I think that it uses the blunt cannula end. HELP!!I want to look at picture so that I can actually see it before going out into the home since I have not used this kind.
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    Here is a link to information about Groshong PICC's. It has some pictures too.
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    What???? Are you talking about adding a valve/LAD (leur activated safety device) to the hub. The Groshong catheter refers to the 3 way valve on the distal end that will either be open to instill ,inward to withdraw and neutral if locked off. All valves,LADS and caps are universal in that they all fit on all types of IV catheters although there are several kinds on the market such as positive displacement..negative and neutral.

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