contract rates for home infusion & education

  1. 0 Hi - i'm looking at a part time contract job for a home infusion and education program. this would be my first foray into contract nursing, so i'm not quite sure what to expect.

    I'm being told it will pay $180 per visit for either type (infusion/administration or education). That seems like a pretty good deal based upon what else I've seen out there. Is there anything that I should be wary of before moving forward?

    Thanks for any advice or assistance!
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    Take into account travel time and cost of gas and increased maintenance on your vehicle. Also the length of time each appt or visit will be so you get an idea of your true costs and what your true profit will be.
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    I was offered a home infusion job in the past. The pay was 40/hr and I was told that most infusions were 4 hrs but some were only 1 hr long. With travel time and having to stay at a pts house for 4 hours I would not have made much money each day. 180 per visit sound good but find out how much time you will be at each pts home.

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