This may be a dumb question

  1. Hi Guys,
    This may be a really really dumb questions, but I've been taking care of a MRSA patient the last few days and have a had a head cold, Blowing my nose, and a very raw sore throat. I've taken extra precautions to protect my self and the patient. But on monday when i came in i let my instructor know i had a sore throat that was still very raw, and is it ok to be taking care of an isolation patient. She said I would be fine. But i am paranoid. But like I said I made my self clear to my instructor, that i would think i would be some what more at risk. Am i being to paranoid.
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  3. by   Rob09sfa
    This is not a stupid question at all. Matter of fact I would be concerned if you were NOT concerned. To answer your question, your nursing instructor no matter what is always right. When we have people that are in isolation we do of course wear our PPE to not only help to be protected from them but from us to them as well. This is a fine line though of being paranoid because I would probably have the same feelings as you do. Just remember always wear your PPE when needed and be extra consious of what you are doing and you and your patient should be ok! : )