Separate Floor for Infectious Disease Patients

  1. Do any of you have separate floors for your infectious disease patients? Not interested in units ---- just interested in separate floors. Any literature to back up having a separate floor?
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  3. by   stephanie2012
    hello, i am not yet a nurse, but separate floor for infection, i think they have reasons.
  4. by   Vespertinas
    I worked at a hospital that had this. To be honest, it seemed more like an HIV floor. The purpose of sequestering the patients to an individual floor seemed more in the interest of specialization rather than anything like "infection control".
  5. by   lumbarpain
    A hospital is a Nosocomial nightmare.....but keeping patients separated in private rooms is a great idea and in a certain section of the hospital. I dont like the idea of people that have different infections being in the same room together.....they are both immunocompromised and God knows what kind of new infection can breed from 2 put together and cross contaminate. Infection control should be strict in all areas of any healthcare facility because you never know when a Typhoid Mary will walk in and no one would ever know it.