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REusing PPE?

  1. 0 I am a DON at a home health agency. We have a patient with active MRSA in her leg wound. I keep trying to write P&P on it. Currently my administrator says that we can reuse the isolation gowns (the disposal yellow ones)!! I have heard horror stories of nurses who get MRSA. I don't want my nurses getting it! Has anyone heard of re-using PPE in the home setting? Anyone have any ideas as to how to follow contact precautions in the home?
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    You can't reuse PPE. Go to the CDC website and infection control. It's specifically in the guidelines.
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    I know this, but the suggestion just blew me away! This administrator is an RN! Thanks for this though, maybe I'll try showing her the guidelines.
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    Sounds as though she maybe thinking lets save money and not current practice.