Looking for an Infection Control Mentor in BC Canada

  1. Hi There,

    I am an RN who is registered to take courses in Infection Control beginning January 10. I am very interested in becoming an Infection Control Nurse/Practitioner. This is because I am very academic, I love learning as well as teaching.

    Looking for an infection control nurse/practitioner in BC (Lower Mainland), whom I can consult with regarding gaining the appropriate education/training/experience as well as someone to possibily shadow and volunteer with so that I can get comfortable with the area of infection control.

    Microsoft Office is my friend so I love putting together presentations, and writing. I am currently teaching part time and I have a keen interest in working with someone who loves to teach/mentor. I would be willing to help with putting together presentations and assisting once or twice a week for the opportunity to buddy up with you and also to have some questions answered. I am very sure that infection control is the route I want to go, but I figured it might be good to volunteer some time, and shadow someone to be sure I am going the right route.

    Thank you very much for reading my post, and if you are able and interested in mentoring someone, or maybe even just answering a few questions for me I'd really appreciate it. Please message me here and then we can exchange emails.

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