I.D. rounding template

  1. Hello everyone!
    I am going to begin rounding for an infectious disease physician at local hospitals, as well as see patients with her in the office. Does anyone have any ideas/ resources for sample templates pertinent to infectious disease? I have been researching for weeks and can't seem to find anything! I need a template with the obvious info-> Hx, ROS, Subjective... but I am needing to pay close attention to current abx, cultures, raciology (TEE/ CXR/ CT), labs such as peaks and troughs, wounds, etc.
    Please help!!!!!
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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    Have you done ID stuff before, or is this a new job for you? The reason I ask is if you have a bit of a background in ID, you might be able to make one yourself that suits your needs better than any other. (Not trying to be unhelpful - ID isn't my specialty either - just throwing another idea out.)
  4. by   Chelle423
    This is somewhat new to me. I have worked on an ortho/neuro floor for almost 3 years and have experience with usual post op infections, abx, wounds. Until now I have not really invested much time into I.D. Concepts.