Help!! Infection control practitioner interview, etc.

  1. Hi all,

    Not sure where to put these questions, thought I'd put them here as well as the general thread...

    I have a job interview in about 10 days for an infection control practitioner position, wondering if anyone out there have any ideas of questions that might be asked that I can ponder. I've worked primarily OB for almost ten years now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Related to the interview and job, it's in the same hospital where I've worked for past almost ten years. I know that they will ask me if they can speak to my current manager, and I really don't want them to...and don't know what to say there. I won't elaborate on why except to say that my unit has been a very unhappy and difficult place to work for several months now. How do I go about saying no without making myself sound bad and/or negative? Again, any feedback would be appreciated...

    Thanks in advance!
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