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Central line bundle

  1. 0 I am involved in CLABSI project in my ICU. Any one can help me to get latest evidence based practice to prepare central line bundle,especially use of chlorhexidine in adult and neonatal patients.
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    There is loads of information out there about clabsi, I find looking at the guidelines invaluable and then reviewing their references for the research information. Because I'm in Ireland I obviously use the SARI guidelines on prevention of blood stream infections you can download it at www.hpsc.ie. best practice is 70% alcohol and 2% chlorhexidine however bare in mind a small proportion of patients may have chlorhexidine allergies.

    Best of luck
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    Are you still looking? I can direct you to exactly what you need.
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    Yes,i am searching for more details regarding CLABSI and i found few in johnhopkins website. Please share your knowledge and experience
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    Look up SaferCare.org its Dr Pronovost from Johns Hopkins who has started a national program with every tool u might need to
    implement a program and it is eveidenced based practice , Also youtube pronovost Clabsi the man is passionate and angry!

    Old Baxter(travenol) sales chic

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