can anyone help?

  1. ok, here's the deal, my daughter who is 22 months old, has mrsa in an abscess on her thigh, her nasal swab came back beta lactamase positive and branhamella catarrhalis growth. Her pediatrician sent us to a dermatologist and he's the one that found all this. He told us to go back to the peds doc for treatment. We called today, and she hasn't called back. I have her reports here, and she's resistant to most of the antibiotics, not resistant to vanco or tetracycline, trimeth/sulfa, or levofloxacin.
    Right now I am really mad at pediatrician for not calling, she's had these results since wednesday. Guess I was just wanting to get another professional opinion before I talk to her tomorrow.
    Anyway, thanks for any replies or advice

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  3. by   WalkingInTheRain
    If she is not improving maybe you should take your child to the ER? Or try to find another physician if your child's doctor isn't helping. I hope they get better and just hang in there.