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A question about Measles

  1. 0 I hope I have the right place to be asking this. I am a new nurse and found my self loving pubic health, specifically infectious diseases. I have run into a road block with measles. I am trying to put together some information for an in-service that my unit is teaching soon and one of the topics that we have been asked to cover is measles symptoms. When it comes to Koplik's Spots I can find plenty of great pictures, descriptions and definitions but the one thing that none of them say is whether or not they are Painful. So just in case some don't read the whole post here it is in a nutshell:

    Are Koplik's Spots Painful? (please also direct me to a source for the information) Thank you all. I look forward to the answers.

    Phil, RN, BSN
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    I don't know if its cause Im tired or what but you might want to fix your first sentence!!!!!!

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    yes, koplik spots can be uncomfortable and can alter nutritional intake.
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    It is more itchy than painful base on what pt reported...
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    I've had the measles.....no pain but wicked itchy!
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    I had the measles when I was nine and I can tell you that they itch like CRAZY! Hurt? No.