Spring-2014 Any other WA students out there? Spring-2014 Any other WA students out there? | allnurses

Spring-2014 Any other WA students out there?

  1. 0 I will be starting this Spring in the N208 and N304 courses plus some others.. any other WA students starting this spring??
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    Are you actually taking the classes or the exams? I was told we HAD to challenge those classes and exams?
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    I already took the challenge exams and passed.I am now in the program currently taking classes. These are not challenge exam courses they are semester-based distance learning education courses. Some are theory and some are clinicals. I am not sure what they have told you if you are not already in the program..who did you talk to?I am here to help if you need any advice. There are some negative influences on this website so I would hate for you to discouraged.
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    Hi cleealto, I will be moving back to WA state within a year and wanted to take courses through an online program. I have my LPN and wanted to do and LPN-RN. So WA accepts ISU apparently? Is this program accredited there? Do you know others who have done this program back in WA? How do you like it so far? Thanks!
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    Wanted to give this thread a bump. Any current or previous students from WA here? How was your clinical experience? Any luck finding preceptors? Any info is helpful