Maryland or DMV Nurses Enrolled at ISU

  1. Hey,

    I'm looking to connect with any MD or DMV students that are currently enrolled in or will be enrolled in ISU LPN-BS program.
    I'm in Baltimore.
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  3. by   Veronica4
    Hello Tootie88,

    Im in Virginia and I plan on starting the program in the fall.
  4. by   Tootie88
    Hi, Veronica

    I also plan to start in the fall. I am taking summer courses now, Patho, Eng 305, and Ethics n Social Responsibility. Are you enrolled in any, or did you have to take any additional courses?
  5. by   Veronica4

    Hello, Im only taking PE 101 this summer. Are you taking those classes with ISU? Have you decided where you wanted to do your clinicals at?
  6. by   Tootie88
    Yes, I'm taking them through ISU. Hopefully, I'll be able to do my clinicals on one of the units at my job. If not, I'm gonna try for NIH.
  7. by   imagineme2day
    are you all lpns? i am considering the lpn to bsn program
  8. by   Veronica4
    Yes Im an lpn
  9. by   newpn04
    Hello all I live in VA, I will be applying to ISU hopefully starting to take other required courses there and then start actual nursing classes in Fall of next year.