Maryland or DMV Nurses Enrolled at ISU

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    I'm looking to connect with any MD or DMV students that are currently enrolled in or will be enrolled in ISU LPN-BS program.
    I'm in Baltimore.
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    Hello Tootie88,

    Im in Virginia and I plan on starting the program in the fall.
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    Hi, Veronica

    I also plan to start in the fall. I am taking summer courses now, Patho, Eng 305, and Ethics n Social Responsibility. Are you enrolled in any, or did you have to take any additional courses?
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    Hello, Im only taking PE 101 this summer. Are you taking those classes with ISU? Have you decided where you wanted to do your clinicals at?
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    Yes, I'm taking them through ISU. Hopefully, I'll be able to do my clinicals on one of the units at my job. If not, I'm gonna try for NIH.
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    are you all lpns? i am considering the lpn to bsn program
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    Yes Im an lpn
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    Hello all I live in VA, I will be applying to ISU hopefully starting to take other required courses there and then start actual nursing classes in Fall of next year.