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  1. 0 I live here in Indiana and was wondering how hard is it to set up clinical sites for ISU? I really would like to be in this program but I do not want to be paying tons of $ and be without a clinical site. Any info would be great!!
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    good question
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    All students were told in advance to secure their clinical sites for each class: it is our job to ask what kind of clinical settings and if the particular class we are taking have clinical or not. I always do that before each class and contact local hospitals and other clinical settings. I am a student like you and we have to do what is expected of us. I hope interested students will learn that this program is not for students that wait till last minute to do what is expected of them.I will suggest you ask each semester to know what class(es) you will take next and start calling way ahead of time.Try out of state near you as well.Goodluck

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