Challenge exams - am I on the right track? Challenge exams - am I on the right track? | allnurses

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Challenge exams - am I on the right track?

  1. 0 I've taken 106 (mental health) and 224 (adult nursing) so far, and I scored 77% on each. I'm generally an excellent test-taker and I got a 4.0 in all my LPN courses so these scores were quite a surprise. I didn't use the TCN guides but reviewed my notes and NCLEX books. I accept that I probably could have focused my studying a little more, but are these scores in line with what everyone else is seeing?

    Now I'm very concerned about peds and OB because they're not my strong suit (and I have absolutely NO interest in entering either of those fields). Should I get the TCN guides for those? I would prefer not to, due to the exorbitant cost and just on principle, but if they really have benefitted others then I may need to break down and get gouged. Or, can anyone recommend good books to study for those? Or, should I scrap this BSN thing altogether and join the circus?
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    There are lots of study guides that are published that cover the subject. You can also get a good comprehensive RN NCLEX book that gives you test questions, answers, and reasons. It will also have a short comprhensive study guide of the subject. These study guides cost lots less than any of the college network's guides.