VA clinic in Crown Point, Indiana

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    Does anyone know when the veterans clinic in crown point is going to open. They are building a new clinic. I want to work at the clinic as a nurse practitioner. If anyone has the inside scoop please help a fellow out..

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    I guess not.. Seems like the Indiana Blog is really an Ivy Tech Blog..
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    They are open and have been for years. The newness is just a new building/addition on the old site. Give them a call. It's the Adam Benjamin VA Clinic in case you dont know the name.
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    Thanks Whispera, I know that the old one has been open for years. I was hoping with the larger building they will have more primary care positions available. I want one of those NP positions.. Im putting it out there in the universe..
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    Patrick, it might help to call them besides putting it out to the universe...or drop in and talk to someone there!

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