USF or Valpo

  1. 0 I am a freshman in college right now at University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne and in the nursing program; however, I am considering transfering schools. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Valparaiso University's nursing program. Did you enjoy the program? Did they prepare you well? Did you like the school itself?
    Also, since the school is pretty expensive, did you get enough financial aid? How much did you end up paying?
    Or would you suggest I stay at USF?

    Thank you!
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    I am not familiar with Valpo. I am a recent graduate of USF (ASN degree). Why are you considering a transfer? This info may help other people as they respond to your question. Good luck!
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    Did you know USF has a branch in Crown Point? If you're thinking of changing because Valpo is closer to home, maybe you should consider USF Crown Point.

    I got my MSN at Valpo. It is a great school. Faculty is highly educated, caring, and really know their stuff. I got my BSN at IU and I liked Valpo better.

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