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  1. 0 I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that has recently worked for Union Hospital in Terre Haute Indiana and would be willing to give me advice on working there. Do you like it? Is the pay good? How are they working with schedules? etc...

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    Have not worked there, but interviewed about 18 months ago for their tele unit (chose a job closer to home). Pay was right about $20 to start (as a new grad which is pretty average around here I think), $.50 raise after the first couple months (after orientation?), & bumped up to about $25 after one year. It was 12 hr shifts. Sometimes, I really wish I'd taken that job; larger hospital, higher acuity unit, more opportunities, but it's an hour one way for me to drive & with small kids at home would have been pretty difficult.
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    I worked there as a SNA many years ago, it was a good place to work. My cousin works there, and my Sister (in laundry) and they like it.

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