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Textbook for Soc 111?

  1. 0 Hi, does anyone know what textbook is typically used for Ivy Tech's Soc 111? I'm taking it out of Kokomo and all the bookstore online says is "Sociology Pkg" by Macionis. I looked on Amazon and there is a book called "Sociology" by Macionis, wondering if that is the one and if there are any other books/workbooks required. Although, with an online course it seems that any additional workbooks would be optional since you can't turn actual paper homework in.
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    I just finished up Soc 111 online. We used "Sociology" by John J. Macionis 11th Edition. There was an OPTIONAL study guide for the textbook but was not required and I did not use it. Hope this helps.
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    I'm taking Soc 111 online and this is what the teacher emailed us already regarding the text

    Title: Sociology 111 PKG Ivy Tech
    Author: John Macionis
    Edition: 11th
    Publisher: Pearson Custom Publishing
    ISBN: 0-536-34883-9
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    Thanks ladies. I haven't checked my Ivy Tech email recently LOL. I wonder why they use the 11th edition when there is a 12th out there. In any case off to ebay I go LOL!