Terre Haute Hospitals/RN jobs?

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    My husband might have an opportunity to get a new position in Terre Haute. I was wondering if anyone could give me any information about hospitals in the area and/or RN jobs around there.

    I looked online a two hopsitals and it looks to me that they have waiting lists for Full time RN jobs.. Is this true? Is their a lot of RN's out of work there?

    Any advice, information would be great.. Thank you so much!!!

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    I live about 20 minutes away from Terre Haute, but I work in Terre Haute. Union Hospital as well as Regional Hospital both need RNs very badly! Or if you want to make the drive, Brazil (where I'm from) has a hospital..St. Vincent Clay, or there is also West Central Community Hospital, which is affiliated with Union. WCCH is in Clinton (about 15 minutes from Terre Haute). Good luck!

    Union Hospital uhhg.org
    Regional Hospital regionalhospital.com
    St. Vincent Clay stvincent.org
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    hwalls. Could you email me the names of the hospitals you are working at.... fsingh@ivytech.edu Thanks

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