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  1. I'm a 28 yr. old Nursing student, mother of 3 and married. Typical from what I keep seeing on different forums. I'm writing a paper on Indiana state LTC regs that I don't agree with. Just for Comp class, so just to get it off my chest. I only have two that really bug me. One, not being able to step in when we see family, POAs to be exact, abuse patients either physically(medically) or verbally. We are only able to "document" the action and tell them what is recommended. CRAP! Also, eventhough we are not a hospice, I believe that it should be our duty to comfort, sit with, talk to, pray with or whatever deemed appropriate when it comes to dying residents. I've been told at my place of employment, that we should "differentiate" ourselves emotionally. We can come in while off duty, but not do such things while on the clock. CRAP! I believe that if all of our duties are caught we should be able to give time to the people that need us on a daily basis. Give time on a personal level.
    If any of you agree, disagree, or have any other ideas of this nature, I would like you to reply if you would like to.
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