relocating to Seymour area...any work recommendations?

  1. Hi all, I currently live just north of Indianapolis and work at St. Vincent's in Indy which I LOVE...however next Spring our family will be relocating to the Seymour, IN area due to my husband's work. Can anyone from those areas recommend a good place to work? I have a BSN and 10 years PCU/med/surg experience and am ANCC certified so don't worry about lacking credentials but my main concern is to work at a place that I am happy to work at! Some places I'm considering are Schneck medical center, Columbus Regional, St. Vincent Jennings or Salem, or are there other places I don't know about? I am also considering home health nursing and/or a nursing agency too. Any advice/recommendations from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   nursemistidawn
    Schneck Medical Center is a great hospital to work at....I have heard positive things about CRH as well.