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Orientation dates for accepted Fall Ivy Tech Nursing students

  1. 0 If you are a current or past nursing student could you please tell me when you had the Orientation prior to the start of your program. I am trying to plan a vacation and if I happen to be one of the lucky one's I don't want to have a schedule conflict. I am especially interested in the dates for the Fall start programs. (East Central Region 6, Kokomo, and Lawrence Campuses) Thank you in advance!
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    You'd probably be best off to call the offices and see if you can get the information from them directly, if they'll tell you (and hopefully they will!)
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    I have calls into all three campuses. When I called on Friday I received everyone's voice mail. I imagine they are pretty busy right now. I was hoping to get some info over the weekend while I waited for calls back.
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    They are on summer break until Wednesday, 5/19. Hopefully you will hear from them then!
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    it seems in the past years usually it was either at the end of june or the beginning of july and then an orientation right before classes start in august.
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    Hi, I have the same question. So how was it?

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