Nursing School IPhone apps?

  1. Need a bit of advice. I'll be starting (can you believe it) nursing school at Ivy Tech in the Fall and I'm starting to line things up. Obvious stuff....notebooks and books. And, something different...IPhone apps.

    I downloaded "Anatomy Lite" a while back. It's basically an anatomy 'game.' I'm fairly good at it...which is somewhat of a relief!

    Does anyone have experience with IPhone apps for the Nursing program? Are there good ones out there and expensive ones to avoid? I have a 16mg phone, so I can't go 'crazy' on too many large programs. I'd just like something that will be useful. My friend, John, just finished his first year and has several...which I forgot to write down. (He has a GREAT website, by the way,

    Thoughts on good apps?
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  3. by   wannabanrnin2012
    Hey, sorry, I actually don't have an iPhone or anything. I just wanted to say "thanks" for the jtknowles link. I really enjoyed getting to read through some of his blogs. They were very informative and inspirational, and currently they're also very bookmarked in my favorites lol.